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Are you doing weighted squats right?


When you want to take squats to the next level, go for weighted squats. These are a functional workout comprising the usage of three joints: ankle, knee, and hip. So, the right placement of these three joints determines whether or not the position of squats is accurate. As a result, the movement of all three joints must be effectively coordinated.

The reason why squats are called a functional move is, irrespective of liking or disliking, everyone by default does this throughout the day. While getting up from the chair, climbing stairs, or picking up something from the floor; you have to bend down and get up. So, in a way you are performing squats one way or another throughout the day.

Performing squats is a great way to increase mobility and strengthen muscles. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Why is it necessary to practice squats?

Assume a person is unable to get out of bed or a chair without help. This indicates that the muscles surrounding the knee and hip are so weak that the individual is unable to do a fundamental movement like this. As a result, it becomes necessary to practice squats. However, because executing weighted squats is a skill, individuals do not learn the skill and end up getting injured.

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Common mistakes people make when performing weighted squats

Since limb length differs from person to person, the squat posture cannot be generalised for everyone. However, there are some common mistakes people tend to make during weighted squats that they should avoid. Here are a few examples of common mistakes:

1. People jump on executing the squats rather than going through a progression of that particular squat which results in the wrong posture, leading to injury.

2. People try to do more squats than their body can tolerate, which leads to injury in the lower back. A lot of stress comes your way if you go beyond your body tolerance range while trying to copy someone else.

3. People bring both knees closer to each other with a tremendous amount of force that leads to knee valgus- a lower leg deformity.

4. People raise or twist their knees while doing squats making them susceptible to damage.

weighted squats
Common weighted squat mistakes you should avoid. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

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Benefits of doing weighted squats

One of the primary reasons for knee discomfort and arthritis is the disintegration of muscles as we age. After the age of 35-40 years, 8 per cent of muscle loss occurs naturally. Squats are one of the most functional and simple workouts that can be practised by anyone anywhere. It helps strengthen the muscles and keep your knees intact. It will also enable you to carry your own body weight.

You are easily able to do functional activities without difficulty. Practising squats makes the muscles strong and enable your body to carry your weight. Squats become one of the easiest exercises that helps strengthen your muscles to carry your own body weight, which you don’t have the strength to carry if you do not exercise every day.

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